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Support Forums / Arcade Crammed On right side of screen.
« on: December 12, 2015, 12:30:09 am »

   I installed on localhost and Everything went fine, So I did it on the Live Forum, and it was fine "UNTIL", I went in Ez-portal to add The Announcement on the Portal Home page. Went back a BAMN....

Running SMF 2.0.11, Ez-Portal-Alpha (Responsive Curve Compatible), and The Latest Responsive Curve Update. and Of Course The latest version Of E-Arcade.

Thanks for any help.



Ok, This is ODD, I also Lost all my forums on the forum page, (They where still there just not displayed)
I tried to Duplicate it on localhost and It didn't anything except exactly what It was supposed to... Could this be a PHP Setting?  I just backed up the Forum/Database today at 4 so It's the same exact as the Live....

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